1. What is UniDB about? Why UniDB?

More details to be added here.

Watch an introductory video to UniDB. (beta)

How can I add an Input?

First you should select a university you are interested in or you have information on. Take a look at Inputs that are already added by others to the university page on UniDB. Afterwards, visit and carefully read the university and a department's website and collect important information such as deadlines, application fee, application requirements, important links, notes, etc.. Finally, add this information through the provided form on each uni's page in UniDB and share them with others. To recap:

  1. Select a university
  2. Read its website for important information
  3. Submit this information through 'Add Input' on the university's UniDB page.

How can I signup/register?

Singing up is easy and will take less than a minute! You can also signup using you google account easily.

When signingup, make sure to always keep you profile updated. You can always edit from you profile page. Add the optional info, it will save you time later on.

Watch a quick video.